TriCounty Laser Brite LLC

STEAM or DRY Carpet Cleaning

We have added 'Call Screening' to our phone system. Please push the # sign to be put through ONLY if you would like to speak to someone about established business between us, our services you may be interested in, OR scheduling an appointment.

IF you are a solicitor by ANY means- please mail your info to 777 Bethel Rd MGTN WV 26501

& we will contact you if interested. Thank you.


Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to meet you soon,

and if we have met- we hope to see you again sometime!! :)

TriCounty Laser Brite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning LLC, since 2000,

is owned by a Morgantown life time native & is family operated.

We take pride in family, our hometown, and our business. 

"It is never about getting your business, it is about keeping it!" 

We take the time that is required to give the most thorough cleanings.

We are respectful, FRIENDLY, trained professionals who

We are respectful, FRIENDLY, trained professionals who


& will answer your questions & concerns to the best of our knowledge.

There just aren't many business' that are family operated these days with whom you

can expect the care you deserve with your home or your place of business.

We respect that obligation of trust.

Our cleanings processes are NON-toxic & completely SAFE.

Your carpets will normally be dry in about ONE HOUR. 

We charge by the square foot WHAT IS ACTUALLY CLEANED

& you know what you are paying BEFORE we even get started!!

That is as fair as it gets, as everyone's room sizes are different,

so who is getting the better deal when charged by room??

Appointments can be made by calling


Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

*Appt times are all guestimated except for the 1st time slot of each day.

We do ask for you to be patient and respectful of the appointment before you as we will

most definitely take the time needed to do our very best for them, and- for you in turn.

We do try to estimate appt times as close as we can, and will do a call ahead to keep you informed.


~Commercial ONLY evening & weekend appts (must meet minimum requirements)


We also offer protectant for Carpet & Upholstery.

Our best advertising has & will always be our clients (THANK YOU!) and to show our appreciation we continually give them FREE carpet cleanings -as per the 'referral bonus program'.

~HOME SELLER/BUYER DISCOUNT applied w/realtor referral. 

~As an established client we also give YEARLY CLEANING DISCOUNTS. 

~Our local senior residents automatically get a SENIORS DISCOUNT.

Commercial JANITORIAL services by contract.


 ACCEPTING: VISA, MASTER, DISCOVER, Amer Exp, and can also run a debit card :)